Battles Within and Without

Featuring madrigals by Renaissance composer Monteverdi and Missa del Cid by Judith Weir, performed by ten actor musicians and combining vocal performance, original staging and film.

The Mask Behind the Face

An emcee, singer and pianist perform a newly devised script bringing together cabaret songs by Schoenberg, Poulenc, Weill and Britten.

Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim

An actor musician production featuring performers from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

The Wedding by Stravinsky - SOAP (Salford Opera Action Performance)

A new staging devised in collaboration with volunteers from Salford and performed at Contact Theatre, Manchester.

After Party

A new play with music by Katharine Armitage featuring lieder by Franz Schubert.

Thousand Furs

A new opera for six singer-instrumentalists with words by Katharine Armitage and music by Michael Betteridge.


A new play about the tumultuous relationship between Robert and Clara Schumann, with words by Katharine Armitage and music by Robert Schumann.


Founding Directors

Jonathan AinscoughKatherine Wilde