The Wedding

The Wedding Stravinsky
Contact, Manchester, December 2010
SOAP (Salford Opera Action Performance)

SOAP was set up by Katherine Wilde to engage the community of Salford in the exploration, interpretation and performance of operatic works. In 2010 SOAP worked with a cast of volunteers from Lower Broughton to explore Stravinsky’s ballet-cantata The Wedding and to devise their own material in reponse to the piece.

The aims of the project were to look at the themes of ritual, tradition and community that are prevalent in The Wedding, and explore how they are relevant to the community of Lower Broughton and the wider society around us today.

The outcomes of this exploration included physical theatre, dance and spoken word, and these were peformed live alongside Stravinsky’s original scoring for four vocal soloists, four virtuoso pianists, chorus and percussion orchestra.

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Director…Katherine Wilde
Musical Director…Jonathan Lo
Assistant Director…Rebecca Lea
Assistant Musical Director…Marco Bellasi

Soprano…Rebecca Lea
Mezzo-Soprano…Rebecca Anderson
Tenor…David Douglas
Bass…Marco Bellasi

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