Emily/ Mrs Lazarus

Emily PosterRe:Sound present two gripping pieces of contemporary music theatre by Tim Benjamin featuring striking female protagonists…


Militant… Hunger Striker… Terrorist… Martyr?

Emily is a new opera on the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison. Her death under the hooves of the King’s horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby was hailed as the act of a martyr by some, and dismissed as an accident due to contemptuous folly by others, and both controversy and mystery still surround her precise actions on that fateful day.

Throughout her life Emily Davison was no stranger to unconventional, even violent, political action, and the opera Emily – drawing entirely on original sources – traces these acts of protest leading up to her death in a sequence of detailed and at times harrowing flashbacks. Re:Sound will be performing the Prologue and Scene I of Emily, in advance of the world premiere in July 2013, one hundred years after Davison’s death.

The World Premiere of the full-length opera will take place from the 4 – 6th July 2013 at the Todmorden Hippodrome in West Yorkshire starring Rebecca Lea in the title role. More details can be found at www.emilyopera.co.uk or on Twitter @EmilyOpera

Mrs. Lazarus Poster


How long after your husband dies… is it OK to love again?

Mrs Lazarus is a musical and theatrical setting of the powerful and evocative poem by the poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy. The poem deals with the difficult, almost taboo subject of when, or even if, a woman is free to love again after the death of her husband. After obeying all of society’s rituals and unwritten rules, the protagonist finally feels able to move on – but just as she does, like Lazarus rising from the dead in grim fashion, her husband comes roaring back to haunt her, together with the mocking opprobrium of society. Duffy poses the question of whether woman is ever allowed to love again, or whether she is forever thus a “Mrs Lazarus”.


Performed by singers Rebecca Lea, Matthew Kellett and Jonathan Ainscough, with design by Katherine Wilde and featuring an instrumental ensemble of outstanding young professionals, these new works present the stories of women confronted by – and confronting – society, and seeking freedom on their own terms.

Emily 5.15pm
Mrs. Lazarus 9.45pm
Friday March 9th 2012
The Royal Northern College of Music


Gallery of photographs from Emily:

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