Battles Within and Without

Battles Within and Without

Battles Within and Without is a new piece of music theatre exploring human conflict: the external struggles on the battlefield and the inner turmoil of the heart.The production brings together Judith Weir’s 20th century choral masterpiece Missa del Cid with a selection of Monteverdi’s Madrigali Guerrieri e Amorosi, combining visceral vocal performance with exciting staging and film. The texts – a Spanish medieval poem, extracts from the Latin Mass Ordinary and Renaissance Italian poetry – are contrasted with modern modes of narration to create a compelling juxtaposition of old and new.

The Monteverdi madrigals journey through scenes that depict the different aspects of human passion: the jealousy of a spurned lover; the despair of a woman abandoned; the defiance of those who would repel love’s advances; the courage of a warrior, resolved to fight for love against all odds; and the acceptance of the ecstasies and agonies that love ultimately yields.

In Judith Weir’s Missa del Cid passion goes hand in hand with violence in the story of the Cid of Vivar, a 12th century knight, killing and conquering in the name of his faith. Such abuse of power has a startling relevance to the modern world, in which decisions made by individuals have destructive implications for many, rendering this piece a challenging experience for the contemporary audience.

This latest venture from the creative and innovative music theatre collective Re:Sound features ten singer-instrumentalists, performing alongside a newly-commissioned film from Manchester-based video production company Albino Mosquito. Co-directed by Jonathan Ainscough, Rebecca Lea and Katherine Wilde, with musical direction from Peter Foggitt, this bold new production allows the audience to experience these magnificent vocal works in a theatrical environment, promising to be an unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.

Battles Within And Without from Katherine Wilde on Vimeo.


Gallery of production photographs taken at the Royal Northern College of Music in May 2012 courtesy of Andy Sawyer (

Battles Within and Without has been performed at the following venues:

Tuesday 8th May, 2012
St.Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge

Friday 11th May, 2012
The Studio Theatre
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

Thursday 1st August 2013
Friday 2nd August 2013
The Church of St.Magnus the Martyr, Lower Thames Street, London.

Sunday 4th August
The Box Theatre, Kendal
Part of the Lake District Summer Music Festival

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